Profiling EvalAdd operation in PKE


I am currently trying to profile the EvalAdd operation for the CKKS scheme in the library. My solution requires me to have the function name I want to profile, so I have been trying to find the mangled name for EvalAddCoreInPlace (which I assume is the core addition function).

I got the mangled symbols (shown below) using nm :

000000000003a1a0 W _ZNK8lbcrypto10SchemeBaseINS_12DCRTPolyImplIN9bigintdyn9mubintvecINS2_5ubintImEEEEEEE7EvalAddESt10shared_ptrIKNS_14CiphertextImplIS7_EEEd

I confirm what the functions are using c++filt (I get the EvalAddInPlace function shown below, for example):

lbcrypto::SchemeBase<lbcrypto::DCRTPolyImpl<bigintdyn::mubintvec<bigintdyn::ubint<unsigned long> > > >::EvalAddInPlace(std::shared_ptr<lbcrypto::CiphertextImpl<lbcr
ypto::DCRTPolyImpl<bigintdyn::mubintvec<bigintdyn::ubint<unsigned long> > > > >&, std::shared_ptr<lbcrypto::PlaintextImpl>) const

BUT I can’t find the symbol/mangle name for EvalAddCoreInPlace . And I know this function gets called because I put a simple serial output statement in it.

So my question is, does that function get called as-is? Or is there something going on in the background that would not give me the symbol/mangled name?

The program I run is the simple-real-numbers.cpp example is PKE.