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just wanted to ask how the leaderboard works? Currently, there are no entries in the leaderboards, despite the “Play” tab showing a number of (passed) submissions and best accuracy.

Hi Simon,

Currently, the leaderboard displays only solutions that have achieved the minimum required accuracy.
For example, for a SIGN challenge the minimum accuracy is 80%.

After the next platform update, the leaderboard will display all uploaded solutions.

Here are updates on the Logistic Regression Challenge:

  • The second test case was added.
  • The deadline was extended until February 15th.
  • The prize fund has been increased to 5K $.
  • In the leaderboard, accuracy is evaluated as the average accuracy for two test cases.
  • The minimum acceptable accuracy on the second test case is 90%.

The deadline for the SIGN and Matrix Multiplication Challenges has passed and we are validating the leading solution.
We leave open the possibility of uploading new solutions.

Please note that solutions uploaded after the February 1st deadline will not be eligible for rewards.