Applied PhD Research Topic using FHE in Healthcare Domain

Hello Team,

I work as a researcher in one of the largest cancer research centers in Europe, my background is in python, cloud, machine learning, etc. My current work includes Federated Leaning in healthcare with Lil bit of confidential computing or trusted execution environment etc.

Currently, I am looking for an Applied Ph.D. topic using FHE that I can bring into FL in the healthcare domain, mainly dealing with image data like CT, MRI, Mammogram, etc., but text data is still available too.

One initial thought is, in an FL environment, say 30 hospitals are participating, instead of encrypting the data, encrypting the gradients at each FL round, and finally, each local site getting inference on the FHE model. the second thought is the explainability of FHE model.

Disclaimer: Not sure, if it’s the right platform, but as a newbie, any lead would help me to narrow down my research area.


Hi @santhoshcameo,

Thank you for asking the question. I would suggest reading Truly privacy-preserving federated analytics for precision medicine with multiparty homomorphic encryption | Nature Communications as a starting point, which describes a hybrid FL + HE approach. There are already some related (more technical) topics on this in the OpenFHE discourse forum.

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