Creating a user application

Hello hello ;
I am creating my own application to test the library , I started following steps provided in the " Building User Applications" , but I didn’t understand what is the exact commende I am supposed to write in order to build and install OpenFHE in may repository where I am creating my own project !
Psst, I have tested the examples simple-integers and it went fine.

So in situations like this it would be helpful if you share the exact commands you’re running, what you expect to happen, and what is happening.

but I didn’t understand what is the exact commende I am supposed to write

For me to best answer your question can you provide more details? What exactly don’t you understand.

I have navigated to the directory containing the library “openfhe-development” , then I have runned :<< sudo make install >> , but all what I have got is :
make : no rule to make target ‘install’. stop.

I’m confused - did you do an initial build of OpenFHE? There are two separate libraries you need to build: OpenFHE and your personal custom application.

To install OpenFHE follow the installation instructions. Then copy the CmakeListsUser from the library and use that as part of the CMAKE for your personal application

I have builded OpenFHE, and I have tested simple-integers:

Now, I want to build my personal custom application in another folder named “test_ofhe” I wrote a basic hello world code with C++ in a file named “OFHE_test.cpp” and included #include “openfhe.h”.
In the folder “test_ofhe”, I copied the CmakeListsUser file from the library and changed its name to CmakeLists and added "add_executable( test.exe OFHE_test.cpp ).
I then created a build directory, moved into it and ran “cmake …”. This is what I got:

I then ran “make”:

After that, I ran “./test”:

Howerver , whan I modified the “OFHE_test.cpp” file file and added the two lines "#include “scheme/ckks/cryptocontext-ckks.h” and “#include “gen-cryptocontext.h”, I got the following error message:

It seems that the “scheme/ckks/cryptocontext-ckks.h” file cannot be included. What should I do?”

  1. Hmm, can you share your code on a github repo?
  2. Did you run make install ? To install it to your system?