De/Serialize functions mistake in documentation?

Hello everyone, I am trying to serialize and deserialize a CKKSRNS Context and keys.

I am able to do it with the context like this:

if (!Serial::SerializeToFile("crypto-context.txt", cryptoContext, SerType::BINARY)) {
    std::cerr << "Error writing serialization of the crypto context to crypto-context.txt" << std::endl;

and later, deserializing like this:

CryptoContext<DCRTPoly> cryptoContext;
if (!Serial::DeserializeFromFile("crypto-context.txt", cryptoContext, SerType::BINARY)) {
    cerr << "I cannot read serialization from " << "cryptocontext.txt" << endl;

I can do it with keys, too:

if (!Serial::SerializeToFile("key-public.txt", keyPair.publicKey, SerType::BINARY)) {
    std::cerr << "Error writing serialization of public key to key-public.txt" << std::endl;


PublicKeyImpl<DCRTPoly> pk;

if (!Serial::DeserializeFromFile("key-public.txt", pk, SerType::BINARY)) {
    cerr << "Could not read public key" << endl;

But in documentations (Here), it says that there are various functions like DeserializePublicKey, DeserializeSecretKey and so on, but I am unable to find them.

Is my code correct?

Thank you!

Hi, your code is correct and you should keep using SerializeToFile() and DeserializeFromFile() . I will correct the documentation. Thank you for pointing that out.

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