How to compare Ciphertext?

such as Ciphertext1>Ciphertext2?

Which FHE scheme are you using?

thank you for your reply.
I use ckks
I want to sum a batch of ciphertext by rotation and compare the value sizes without decryption

I think you’d need scheme switching to go from CKKS<->DM/CGGI scheme to do that (Ahmad would know more). Anyways, Openfhe does not currently support that capability but I think it’s planning to. There are threads on this topic (search “scheme switching”)

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I may not have expressed my thoughts well, what I mean is that does openFHE support some function that can do the comparison of 2 encrypted numbers? Is there no such function?

The CKKS scheme does not. But the DM/CGGI does (I think) and so to leverage that, you’d need to do scheme switching to move from CKKS to DM/CGGI.

In general, you’re better off trying to find a way to phrase your computation in a way that does not require the comparison. This is because 1) we don’t support scheme switching just yet and 2) DM/CGGI is much much slower than CKKS

If you cannot avoid to perform comparison server-side, I suggest you to check this paper out .

The main idea basically is that you can rewrite

if (a > b) return foo(); 
else return boo();


comparison = sgn(a-b)
comparison_inv = 1 - comparison
return foo() * comparison + bar() * comparison_inv

and that paper helps you to write sgn(x) function (which is a little hard to approximate because of the jump, even by high degree chebyshev polynomials)

thank you .I will try it.

A good idea. I will try it,thanks!

Based on the paper comparison algorithm, can you please elaborate on how this can be used for range query?

You can use the \text{sgn}(x) to create a mask of [0, 1] and filter out only the results that you want

An alternative is to use EvalSign in the binfhe module (see Large-Precision Homomorphic Sign Evaluation using FHEW/TFHE Bootstrapping for technical details). Note that EvalCompare (based on EvalSign using TFHE/FHEW bootstrapping) will be added to CKKS in v1.1 (in roughly a month from now).

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I take the opportunity to ask, do you have a good reference for scheme switch?

I suggest waiting for the v1.1 release (ETA end of July) as we will include some documentation and examples there.

Before then, you can look at the prior scholarly papers (+ the already cited paper):

  1. PEGASUS: Bridging Polynomial and Non-polynomial Evaluations in Homomorphic Encryption
  2. CHIMERA: Combining Ring-LWE-based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
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Hi, is it now avaible the function EvalCompare in CKKS ?

Yes, see the description in openfhe-development/src/pke/examples/ at main · openfheorg/openfhe-development · GitHub and the example openfhe-development/src/pke/examples/scheme-switching.cpp at main · openfheorg/openfhe-development · GitHub.