How to produce multiple keypairs of clients by dynamic generation

how to produce multiple keypairs of clients by dynamic generation?

for(int i ;i<n;i++) 

where n is client.

I’m assuming that you have a workflow that calls for multiparty FHE and I think that this thread will give you the answers you’re looking for, albeit indirectly; it should give you an idea of how to use multiparty FHE: t-out-of-N Threshold FHE in OpenFHE

From what I can see, you might be able to generalize the ideas presented in this function: UnitTestMultiparty but bear Yuriy’s most recent comment in mind:

For more general information on multiparty FHE see PALISADE Webinar #4 - HE Tutorial Series Part 5: Introduction to Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption. The video itself targets PALISADE, the precursor to OpenFHE, but the concepts are the same.

A clarifying question. Are you asking about multiparty FHE, where each computation is done using multiple secret keys/key shares? Or you are asking about generating a series of client key pairs for different computations (i.e., a single-key FHE computation setup with many clients or one client with different computations)? If it is multiparty FHE, then @iquah already answered your question.