How to run the example in Visual Studio Code?

When I run the example in Visual Studio Code, it post error that

#include “openfhe.h”
There is no such file in the directory gcc

I installed the OpenFHE in WSL, and the example does successfully run in terminal. I confirm these head files have built in correct path /usr/local/include/pke et al…
I have added following code in setting.json of Visual Studio Code:

    "C_Cpp.default.includePath": [

I have no idea the problem is :sob:

Please read the OpenFHE documentation: Welcome to OpenFHE’s documentation! — OpenFHE documentation

Can you confirm that you have the file “openfhe.h” in your /usr/local/include/openfhe/pke directory?

Yes, I think the file “openfhe.h” is in right directory

Hi, i am trying to run an example in Visual Studio Code (Windows 11), i applied the steps on the OpenFHE document. cmake… and make commands are working true and an output file are built " xxx.exe". But i can’t run the output file.

ERROR: Unable to start debugging. Unexpected GDB output from command “-exec-run”. During startup program exited with code 0xc0000135.

How can i solve this problem?

Sorry, I have no idea about your problem.
But I truly suggest you try again in Linux, which easily installs and uses this software.

Thank you, I will try. :+1:t3: