Implementations of multi-key FHE schemes


I’m seeking the implementation of the multi-key CKKS scheme as introduced in
Efficient Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption with Packed Ciphertexts with Application to Oblivious Neural Network Inference
Asymtotically Faster Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption from Homomorphic Gadget Decomposition.

In the OpenFHE library, can I utilize such implementations, including the multi-key variant of relinearization and automorphism?
If not, do you have any plans to provide a multi-key FHE scheme?

(Only thing i can find was the implementation in Golang)

Thank you for reading.

We currently support only the threshold multiparty FHE setting as it is more efficient for many applications. The multikey approach is typically less efficient (although there are some recent works proposing a hybrid solution). I suggest watching Homomorphic Encryption for OpenFHE Users – to learn more about the differences between threshold FHE and multikey FHE.

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