Is CryptoContext global?

I found that if I generate two crypto contexts, then loading Eval{Mult,Sum} keys in one context also loads it in the other. Is that the expected behavior?

TEST(CryptoContext, loadKeys) {
  // BFV Parameters
  PlaintextModulus plaintextModulus{65537};
  uint64_t multDepth{18};
  uint64_t ringDim{32768};
  uint64_t batchSize{ringDim};

  lbcrypto::CCParams<lbcrypto::CryptoContextBFVRNS> parameters;

  auto cc1 = GenCryptoContext(parameters);
  auto cc2 = GenCryptoContext(parameters);

  ASSERT_EQ(cc1->GetAllEvalMultKeys().size(), 0)
      << "cc1 has no EvalMult key before loading cc2";

  std::ifstream emkeyfile("testData/key-eval-mult.txt",
                          std::ios::in | std::ios::binary);
  cc2->DeserializeEvalMultKey(emkeyfile, lbcrypto::SerType::BINARY);

  ASSERT_EQ(cc1->GetAllEvalMultKeys().size(), 0)
      << "cc1 has an EvalMult key after loading cc2";
[ctest] Expected equality of these values:
[ctest]   cc1->GetAllEvalMultKeys().size()
[ctest]     Which is: 1
[ctest]   0
[ctest] cc1 has an EvalMult key after loading cc2

Yes, this is the expected behavior to avoid concurrent, duplicate crypto contexts in memory. There is a CryptoContextFactory that checks whether the crypto context with exactly same parameters is already loaded in the memory. If it is already in the memory, then the new duplicate cryptocontext is not added.