Manipulation of Ciphertexts and Plaintexts


I’m using OpenFHE to implement and optimize statistical operations like mean and covariance. My question is if it is possible to manipulate Ciphertexts and Plaintexts manually, this is, without the evaluation functions.

I have looked in the documentation, and it seems that both Ciphertext class and Plaintexts don’t have attributes nor methods.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

without the evaluation functions.

What do you hope to accomplish there that you cannot do with the standard cc->EvalX? We provide those methods to give library users an optimized experience so I’m not sure what exactly it is missing for you

I don’t have anything in particular since i’m only starting the project now. I was just wondering how much freedom do I have with OpenFHE.

In that case I’d try digging into what OpenFHE can offer you before hinging your decision on how much freedom you have.

TL;DR I highly discourage working with hand-rolled functions since that might break compat with other functions and you then end up with a ton of spaghetti everywhere

That makes sense. I’ve already decided to use OpenFHE, and I’m now digging into how I can optimize the basic operations. For what I have seen, OpenFHE is already optimized in that aspect. So I will look for optimizations regarding the schemes parameters and order of operations and see where that takes me.