Missing functions in python wrapper

Hi guys,

I’m using openfhe-python wrapper for Deep learning application. However, when I read the docs to find some advanced function for computations, I can see the C version have functions such as: EvalAddMany, EvalLinearWSum,… but I cannot find those in current python-wrapper.

Can you help me with this situations?

Yeah, unfortunately, the python wrapper is lagging behind the CPP version - the OpenFHE team mostly adds in new functions when the need arises on our end. In your case, I’d reference the functions that have already been ported over, adding in the capabilities you need, and opening a PR.

I see, thanks a lot for your confirmation. So I will try to use the current materials in python-wrapper. Hope to see new updates on openfhe-python!

These are rarely used by OpenFHE developers (they were not included in the main examples). We can add them in a future version. If you are familiar with pybind11, please feel free to create a PR adding these functions (they can be added to openfhe-python/src/lib/bindings.cpp at main · openfheorg/openfhe-python · GitHub)

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I created an issue for this: Add missing methods to the Python API · Issue #127 · openfheorg/openfhe-python · GitHub