Plans for GPU Support (BFV, TFHE, CKKS)


I wonder if someone is working on GPU support for BFV, TFHE, and CKKS each.

We need BFV’s GPU support by the end on August. If no one is working on it, we plan to implement it (possibly contributing to the OpenFHE open source project). We also need GPU support for TFHE bootstrapping and addition.

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Hi @gogo9th,

We are aware of several GPU prototyping efforts based on OpenFHE and had some preliminary conversations with a couple of groups. However, there is no concerted effort (as of yet) to develop and release an official GPU backend for OpenFHE. We would be happy to support such an effort if you would like to contribute to OpenFHE. Generally speaking, we are open to discussing contributions of any new or improved capabilities to OpenFHE.