Switching between CKKS and FHEW/TFHE


I am working on a project where i switching between CKKS and FHEW/TFHE is needed. I know that OpenFHE supports scheme switching also see that CKKS to FHEW/TFHE switching capability is released in v1.1. I wasn’t able to find any documentation related to that.
It would be helpful if someone can share the details on how the switching is done in OpenFHE, functions or libraries that i can use.

Thank you in advance

The documentation can be found in this readme.

Additionally, you can read more about scheme switching in the references below:

  1. PEGASUS: PEGASUS: Bridging Polynomial and Non-polynomial Evaluations in Homomorphic Encryption
  2. CHIMERA: CHIMERA: Combining Ring-LWE-based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes