ThresholdFHE Generation of EvalSumKeys using the OpenFHE Python Wrapper

Good day.

I would just like to ask about the generation of EvalSumKeys using the OpenFHE Python wrapper.The EvalSumKeyMap is no longer a compatible function argument of SerializeToFile, but I need the EvalSum function in my computation. I would just like to ask if there is an alternative to be able to generate the EvalSumKey for multiple parties?

Thank you for your time.

EvalSumKeyMap is now internally merged to EvalAutomorphismKeyMap (in OpenFHE itself), but the old API should still work; the users should not see any difference (as EvalSumKeyMap simply redirects now to EvalAutomorphismKeyMap) unless there is a bug. Could you provide a minimal working example for the issue you are seeing so I could try to run it and suggest a fix?

Hello, thank you for the response. I am still new to homomorphic encryption, and I wasn’t aware that the EvalSumKeyMap is under the EvalAutomorphismKeyMap. Using SerializeEvalAutomorphismKey worked. Thank you.