V1.0.0 is released (major release)

This release includes the following improvements:

  • Doubles the precision of CKKS bootstrapping
  • Adds support for evaluating arbitrary smooth functions, including logistic function, sine, cosine, and division
  • Implements recommendations for INDCPA^D secure implemementation of CKKS proposed in Securing Approximate Homomorphic Encryption Using Differential Privacy (CRYPTO’22)
  • Adds a new security mode for threshold FHE
  • Fixes many bugs

Sorry as a bignner, how to update the lib?
If I directorily download by “Clone the repo”, will the new version cover the old?
Thank you for your help.

What I do is

  1. cd into the build directory
  2. run sudo make uninstall, which removes all the old files
  3. git pull to pull down all the changes
  4. Go through the installation instructions again


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