V1.1.3 (stable) version is released

v1.1.3 includes the following changes:

  • One internal map is now used for all rotation keys, which reduces memory footprint and key generation time for BGV-like schemes (#546)
  • New mechanism for OpenFHE exceptions is added; the old one is still available, but will be removed in a later major release (#668)
  • Low-level optimizations for polynomial arithmetic (minor efficiency improvements for BGV-like schemes)
  • Scheme switching code improvements; note that the API for scheme switching has changed! (#631)
  • Improves runtime for systems with a large number of threads/cores (#617)
  • Fast rotations are now fully operations in BFV (#569)
  • Includes fixes for 18 bugs

The detailed list of changes is available at Issues · openfheorg/openfhe-development · GitHub