What operating systems does OpenFHE support?

Supported Operating Systems (Installation — OpenFHE documentation)

OpenFHE CI continually tests our builds on the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu [18.04] [20.04]
  • macOS [Mojave]
  • Centos 7
  • NVIDIA Xavier [Linux for Tegra 4.2.2]
  • MinGW (64-bit) on Windows 10

OpenFHE users have reported successful operation on the following systems:

  • FreeBSD
  • Ubuntu [16.04]
  • Arch Linux

If you have tested OpenFHE in other environments, please share it in this topic.

In addition to the above, there were reports that OpenFHE successfully ran on

  • Ubuntu [22.04] [23.04]
  • macOS [ [Monterey] [Ventura]

MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 on ARM processor here :slight_smile:

(If we care about differences between versions of macOS Ventura, I’m running it on 13.4.)