Cannot serialize key from openfhe-python

Hello, I am using the OpenFHE-Python cloned from GitHub - openfheorg/openfhe-python: Official Python wrapper for OpenFHE. Current release is v0.8.6 (released on March 12, 2024).. When I am trying to call SerializeAutomorphismKey(), it always return this error.

For example, with this code:

res = cc.SerializeEvalAutomorphismKey("key.txt")

The error:

    res = cc.SerializeEvalAutomorphismKey("key.txt")
TypeError: SerializeEvalAutomorphismKey(): incompatible function arguments. The following argument types are supported:
    1. (filename: str, sertype: openfhe.SERBINARY, id: str = '') -> bool

Can anybody help?

Please try v0.8.1 (it was released today, you can just clone the main branch). See New version (v0.8.1) of OpenFHE Python wrapper is out for more information.

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