Error in EvalSumCols “Input second evaluation key map is empty”

Hi guys,
I am facing this error when I tried to use EvalSumCols.
I am using openfhe 1.1.4 version

slots = 16
cc.EvalRotateKeyGen(keys.secretKey, [1, -2])
eval_sum_cols_keys = cc.EvalSumColsKeyGen(keys.secretKey)

x1 = [25]

ptxt1 = cc.MakeCKKSPackedPlaintext(x1, 1, 0, None, slots)
c1 = cc.Encrypt(keys.publicKey, ptxt1)

Result = cc.EvalSumCols(c1, 1, eval_sum_cols_keys)

i get the error

schemebase/base-scheme.h:l.1225:EvalSumCols(): Input second evaluation key map is empty

Please help me with this situation!

Please post a full minimum working example to be able to reproduce the error. What is the ring dimension you are using? What are you trying to achieve given that you specify an input of size 1? Do these previous questions help? Error in EvalSumRows "Input evaluation key map is empty". Is there any example about how to use EvalSumRows/EvalSumCols?

I had went through the examples given, i tried the same example in python, i got the error, i was going through the python wrapper code in comment they have mentioned

//TODO (Oliveira, R.): Solve pointer handling bug when dealing with EvalKeyMap object for the next functions

is this have to do anything with the error i am getting

@Pavanranganath could you provide a minimum working example for this issue (see the prior request @andreea.alexandru)? Also, does Error in EvalSumRows "Input evaluation key map is empty" - #7 by ypolyakov work for you? If yes, you can update your code using this example.

I tried with the example you pointed i no longer get the error ‘key map is empty’

for EvalSumRows and EvalSumCols

thank you