How to properly serialize evalSumKeys in threshold fhe?

Hello. I’m trying to use threshold fhe for a multi machine environment. For that, I must generate the keys across the machines. For the regular keys I’m following the serialization examples. But in threshold fhe, as shown in the example openfhe-development/threshold-fhe-5p.cpp at main · openfheorg/openfhe-development · GitHub, there is a evalSumKeys that is actually a key map instead of a DCRTPoly. How do I serialize it? Do I do it in the same way?

Thanks in advance

I suggest reading the following thread (especially the solution): What's the best way to use openFHE on two sides?

Sorry, but reading that seems to not help me.

I’m confused because it seems that the threshold case is different because that are more steps for the creation of the evalSumKey and the evalMultKey.

Is there anywhere an example of threshold BFV with serialization?

There are good examples in PALISADE: PALISADE / PALISADE serial examples · GitLab We will publish an updated version of this repo based on OpenFHE later this summer. Note that the API for generating and serializing the keys should roughly be the same (see How To Migrate A User Project From Palisade To OpenFHE — OpenFHE documentation for more information).

Please look at the following examples: