How to use openfhe with python

I want to use openfhe with python
I followed openfhe-python wapper git document, but i didn’t understand if what i did is correct.

I have three question.
First, I cloned the ‘openfhe-python’ in my ‘openfhe-development’ folder. is that corrent?
When i typed ‘make install’ command, the output just like this.

[100%] Built target openfhe
Install the project…
– Install configuration: “”
– Installing: /…/
– Set runtime path of “/…/” to “”
(I’ve omitted some output due to personal information.
""‎ file was installed in my conda virtual environment folder, not my working folder. Could this be a problem?)

Secondly, I don’t have ‘.so’ file in the ‘openfhe-python’ folder.
Thirdly. I don’t know how to excute my python file or an example python file using openfhe library

sorry for my ignorance.
can you help me?


Please follow the instructions at GitHub - openfheorg/openfhe-python: Official Python wrapper for OpenFHE. Current pre-release version is v0.8.5 (released on February 18, 2024).

It is better to clone to openfhe-development and openfhe-python in different/independent folders. For simplest setup, I suggest using “sudo make install” for both OpenFHE and openfhe-python.

Another option is to use a docker image (see openfhe-python/docker/ at docker · openfheorg/openfhe-python · GitHub)

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