OpenFHE Lattice Estimator how does it work?


I compiled and ran the OpenFHE Lattice Estimator, but unfortunately, I didn’t fully understand the instructions in the Git repository. Is there a specific use case that allows me to analyze the distribution of CKKS bootstrapping? How should I input the parameters if I want to investigate a real application? Is there a more detailed description of how to use the Lattice Estimator available?
Thanks for your Support.

As of now, OpenFHE Lattice Estimator can only be used to analyze the security of binary FHE schemes such as DM, CGGI, or LMKCDEY variants.

For CKKS, BGV, and BFV, OpenFHE uses precalculated lookup tables to determine the (R)LWE parameters. Check the file src/core/include/lattice/stdlatticeparms.h for the relevant business logic.

Note that OpenFHE eliminates the need for users to manually specify the intricate (R)LWE parameters that determine the scheme’s security. Users need to define their desired functional parameters (which depend on the user application), such as the target security level, multiplicative depth, scale size, and so on. OpenFHE then automatically determines the optimal (R)LWE parameters to meet the specified security requirements.