Possible suggestion regarding security level feedback

Hello everyone,

In the context of CKKS, I think it would be useful that, when OpenFHE says that the current parameters do not comply with the security standards, it would output:

  • the upper bound for the ciphertext modulus for the given security setting,
  • the current ciphertext modulus

For instance, something like:

"The upper bound for [security_level] is [upper_bound], your parameters have a value of logq equal to [logq], you need to reduce the moduli chain by [logq - upper_bound] "

I am saying that because finding the right parameters is already challenging, taking into consideration the security standards is even harder without having a good feedback.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks. It is a little bit trickier than this. In the case of hybrid key switching, it is actually logq + logp, and logp can be controlled using the number of digits in hybrid key switching. I agree it would be nice to provide guidelines for this, but the guidelines are a little bit more involved (and cannot be captured with simple output messages).

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