Setting security strength using binfhecontext.h (TFHE schemes)

I am trying to generate a range of FHEContext security ranging from 1 to 128-bit and want to benchmark the time taken for each security strength.

I am new at using Homomorphic Library so I apologise if the question is basic but how do i set the security parameter to get the strength that I want and how do i verify it using the binfhecontext.h library for boolean applications?

I do not think there is a simple way to do that in OpenFHE.
Note, the security level is affected by some of the crypto-parameters such as the ring dimension and the overall ciphertext coefficient modulus (which can be controlled by the user). Then, the security of the scheme can be estimated via standard lattice hardness estimators GitHub - malb/lattice-estimator: An attempt at a new LWE estimator.

HI, some advice. standard security settings in crypto are 128, 192, 256 bit etc. there are standard settings for these in OpenFHE, in classical and post quantum settings (these were derived from the utilities that @Caesar cited above. 1 to 128 does not make any practical sense. 128b is a bare minimum. There is a “toy” setting that is very low security that we use for verifying code correctness quickly, and a “medium” setting that is a holdover from old papers that has 108 bits of security for classical and 100 bits for quantum. You would do better to benchmark 128,192 and 256 bits. there are a whole list of supported, precomputed settings here. Note the ones with Q are for postquantum attacks (which are prefered nowdays over classical). Also note that if you are time benchmarking, that building openfhe for 32 vs 64 bit can have significant runtime improvements for some of the parameters but other will not be able to run.