Slides from the presentation on OpenFHE

I gave a talk on OpenFHE at the 5th standards meeting in Geneva on September 1
(5th Standards Meeting – Homomorphic Encryption Standardization) The slides are attached: HE.ORG-OPENFHE-Sept-2022.pdf (529.1 KB)


Hi Yuriy,

First, congratulations on the presentation and the talk.
Second, what’s the development status of the matrix arithmetic library? Is there a dev/test version that I can access? When do you guys think it’s gonna be released?

Hi @reneroliveira,

The matrix arithmetic library is not publicly available yet. Tentatively, it will be available by the end of this year.

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Hi Yuriy,

Thank you for posting your slides. I am watching the PALISADE webinars now and find them useful. I hope these continue again in OpenFHE. Do you know if there has been any updates on the standardization document recently? I can only find v1.1 from Nov 2018.

Hi @Bran,

There are no official updated security documents since the Nov 2018 one. The LWE parameters in that document are still accurate estimates though.

There is an active thread with ISO where the topic of parameters is also discussed, but the current draft has not been publicly shared yet.