Why FuncViaSchemeSwitching() display core dump?

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Output precision is only wrt the operations in CKKS after switching back.
CKKS scheme is using ring dimension 2048, and number of slots 8
FHEW scheme is using lattice parameter 32, logQ 25, and modulus q 2048
(interrupted by signal 11:SIGSEGV)

with 96 cores and 512 GB RAM

This was fixed in Moved check on optional argument before it is used in EvalCKKStoFHEW by andreea-alexandru · Pull Request #712 · openfheorg/openfhe-development · GitHub, which is merged in the dev branch, but not in the main branch yet.

You can either work with the dev branch, or change
auto cTemp = cc->EvalCKKStoFHEW(c1)
auto cTemp = cc->EvalCKKStoFHEW(c1, slots).