Directly Serialize/Deserialize in Python-Wrapper

Hi guys,
I am looking for a serialize option in python-wrapper but it seems it just has the option to serialize to file. Is there any way to directly serialize it to base64 instead of file (like the C code provided below):
Serial::Serialize(serverCC, s, SerType::BINARY)

Hey there!

I’ve previously worked on this matter. Unfortunately, there were a number of bugs that were difficult to address and we decided to put things on the backburner. Unfortunately, I’m rather busy now, but we welcome any contributions! Feel free to propose a design plan on the github and we can chat there


Seconding @iquah Please feel free to try adding a binding for Serialize(…) and if this works for you, we would be happy to review/have these changes merged to the project. I’ve created an issue for this: Add Serialize to buffer methods to the Python API · Issue #128 · openfheorg/openfhe-python · GitHub

@ypolyakov Thank you for your reply! I tried to bind Serialize() method, and via some tests, it seems it worked. I will try to merge the Serialize() / Deserialize() with my project and let you know if the result is good

Thank you for the update.